It started with one local transfer

Sister company Beja Tours first saw light of day in 1935, before Meering Touringcars Amsterdam was founded. Jacob Meering commenced his first activities in passenger transportation with a transfer service between the houses of Amsterdam vendors and its markets. He converted a Chevrolet van into a mixed passenger/cargo vehicle making it possible to transport merchants and their goods at the same time. This proved to be a successful formula and within a few years, a second vehicle, an original International, was purchased in order to meet increasing demand.


The rich history of Meering Touringcars Amsterdam

Son Willem Meering joined his father’s company following the Second World War and together, they explored new opportunities for their business. During the rebuilding of the Netherlands, rural theatres provided the population with much-needed entertainment and it was that time when Jacob and Willem started bus services for actors and production staff to theatres and playhouses in Amsterdam and the rest of the country.


Meering goes international

Economic times improved, and in the 1950s Meering’s first international coach service to the Côte d'Azur in France became reality. On a three-day journey through the French countryside, the first groups of Dutch tourists – without today's modern conveniences such as motorways, air conditioning and air suspension – were on their way to a well-earned camping holiday by the Mediterranean Sea.

The 1960s saw more and more Americans travelling to Europe to visit the Old World and to explore their European roots, which meant a major expansion of Meering Touringcars Amsterdam. New motor coaches with luxurious new features such as full airconditioning, reclining seats and mountain view windows ensured a comfortable long-distance journey through 10 countries in 10 days. Japanese visitors soon followed, as well as British, Canadian and Australian tourists.


New opportunities

Meanwhile, new domestic market opportunities emerged in the years of the global oil crisis. A major assignment by the Amsterdam public transport company GVB resulted in an innovative chapter in the history of Meering Touringcars Amsterdam. And soon, transportation was not only provided for individual passengers through its own travel agency, but also for schools, associations and multinational corporations such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Royal Dutch Shell.


A growing family business

With the arrival of the third generation of the Meering family, under the inspiring leadership of Willem Meering, and a fleet of, then, 20 privately owned vehicles, the family business moved forward in its position as a major player in the industry. Business in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s flourished with incoming tourism in the Netherlands, long distance coaching in Europe and outbound holiday shuttle services to Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

Today, in the 21st century, with a growing number of vehicles and drivers, many national and international companies, private individuals and global travel organisations partner up with Meering Touringcars Amsterdam. A trusted name leading the way in transportation of national and international passengers to any destination.


Upon its 85th anniversary, Meering Touringcars Amsterdam and Beja Tours reflect on a long and rich history in the transportation of people. With quality, craftsmanship, traditional values, pride, innovation and pioneering spirit the family business established a solid foundation for the future.